Finding a great photographer for your wedding is about so much more than finding someone with the skills to craft beautiful images. It's about finding someone you work well with. Someone who understands you and someone who makes you feel comfortable being yourself. Fit matters.

That said, if you're like most of our clients, you might be...

A fan of fun

You aren't afraid to laugh or be silly. You don't take life too seriously. You're down to earth and can talk about things that matter as easily as you can joke about things that don't.


You like to try new things. Maybe it's a crazy idea or maybe you jump into something spur of the moment.  

A character

You have personality, and you want amazing wedding photos that show it! Wedding photos that don't capture who you are and how your wedding made you feel aren't worth taking, no matter how pretty they might look!


You take interest in people and like to get to know them. You want to surround yourself with people who you feel comfortable with.

Oh yeah, you're probably getting married sometime soon too!

If this sounds anything like you (heck, even if it doesn't), please contact us! We would love to chat and get to know you!