About Us



In this day and age of cameras on every phone, it's easy to view photographs as quick, easy ways to capture and remember what happened. To me, photography is about far more than capturing what happened - it's about capturing how it felt. Unlike any other art form, photography can give us a true-to-life vision of the what, and still inspire us to feel the emotion of the moment. 

My passion is creating images that are beautiful and inspirational. I want your photographs to put smiles on the faces of those you share them with tomorrow and ten years from now, and evoke the same emotions in your viewers that you felt at the time. 

I'm the goofy side of our team. I've been behind a camera for over 15 years and have had the privilege of visiting many countries and shooting landscapes & cityscapes. I play drums, like coffee & beer, and love Jesus.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved weddings.  Each one, like each bride, is beautiful and distinct.  After being a bride myself, I have an even greater appreciation for the thought and care that goes into every aspect of the day.  The perfectionist in me loves to see the chairs lined up in tidy little rows, while the romantic in me waits in anticipation for the moment the groom first lays eyes on the bride. 

As a wedding photographer, I consider it a privilege to be the one who captures those lovely little details and meaningful glances that you will to remember forever.

I am the organized side of our team. I might even get a little excited about making checklists and following schedules. I’m an avid hiker and a casual crafter. I love photography and wedding cake!