Quick Sleeklens Product Review

Greetings friends,

At the beginning of the summer we were offered the opportunity to test a new toolset from Sleeklens called the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow.  Since a good deal of our time is spent sorting and editing photos in various programs, we were happy to give it a look.

Fellow photographers, I can sense your ears perking up.  We do love cool new tools and gear don’t we?

We’ve used the workflow for five of our weddings now.  Let me begin by saying that the word "workflow" is a bit misleading.  It’s not a tool for overhauling the way you go from culling to finished product, but it is useful. The product contains a set of presets and brushes that can streamline editing and inspire creativity.

We found that no one preset was a perfect match for our style, but trying out various presets provided artistic inspiration.  We could apply a preset with great tonal luminosity and then tweaking the temperature and tint to yield beautiful skin tones.

The brushes also proved quite useful. While not a true substitute for Photoshop, they allowed for quick touch ups in Lightroom.

This would be a nifty add-on for photographers who are trying to find a style that suits them, or for newer photographers to ease into some of Lightroom’s more advanced features.



Why He Buys a Diamond Ring

One of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is traveling! The changes in scenery, the options for dining and the potentially unique experiences call to our shared adventurous spirit.  Furthermore, the hours between the wedding locations and our small-town home provide the perfect space for sharing thoughts and ideas.

 Last weekend’s wedding, a mere 600 miles away, affording us plenty of time to chat. As we discussed plans for capturing the bride and groom’s important moments, I mentioned the bride requested a shot of her showing off her new bling.  This is a fairly common request, but in this case, she asked that it be taken after the ceremony presumably to include both the wedding and engagement ring.

Phil wondered about the invention of the engagement ring and guessed that the whole two ring system was a diamond industry fabrication to boost profits.  I whipped out my phone to do a little research.

It turns out that he was wrong.

The History

The tradition of exchanging rings had actually taken several twists and turns over the course of history.

Since you are likely not sitting in the car with nothing to do for hours, I’ll just hit the highlights.

-Ancient Egyptians exchanged rings of braided reeds, the shape of the rings signifying eternal love.

-The tradition spread to Rome, where a bride-to-be was given two rings.  An iron one for wearing at home and a gold one for wearing in public.

-During the Renaissance era, European men and women each wore one of a set of rings called gimmel rings that fit together like a puzzle. After the wedding, the woman got to wear both rings together.

-In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy the first recorded diamond engagement ring. Other rich and noble guys thought this was a pretty good idea and followed suit.

-The use of diamonds in engagement rings became widespread in the 1800s with the discovery of diamond mines in South Africa.

-Most men in America still didn’t wear wedding bands until the Second World War when military men started wearing rings to remind themselves of their wives back home.

So, why does he buy a diamond ring? It's because good old Archduke Maximillian wanted to make a grand gesture. I'm not saying the multi-billion dollar diamond industry had nothing to do with it, but it's nice to know the tradition started authentically.

Fun Facts

In case history doesn’t tickle your fancy, here are a couple of fun facts that I learned along the way.

-Synthetic diamonds of 2.5 Carats can be grown in a lab in about four days.

-Seventeen tons of gold are made into wedding rings each year.

-If you shine an ultraviolet light on a real diamond it will glow in the dark for a few seconds.

-According to Irish tradition, Leap Day is the one time when women can propose to men.

Isn’t learning fun!?  Okay, I’m a bit of a nerd, but someday you might thank me. Now, you have some great conversation starters for the next time you are on a long flight or car ride with someone!

Father's Day From a Wedding Photographer's Perspective

How can I sum up the significance of fatherhood? I'm not entirely sure where to begin...I have an amazing father, and I’m married to another fantastic father.  I've seen grandfathers, uncles and friends serve as stellar fathers to children who need one. 

What is it that they all have in common? 


They teach. They discipline. They spoil.  They do so much, but there’s something more that stands out.

When I watch fathers walk their daughters down the aisle, what I see in each man's eyes is pride.  Without speaking a word, their faces shout, “This woman beside me, I’m her biggest fan!”  The father standing onstage beside the groom, he’s always glowing with pride too.

There’s no doubt, a mother can see a child’s need usually before he even voices it, and she loves and nurtures like none other.

But a father, he has an eye for spotting a child’s potential.  He encourages the good that he sees and he believes in future greatness!

Several of our brides have requested first look photography with their groom as well as with their father. When we do these, I honestly can’t say which man is happier to see that beautiful, smiling bride!

So dads, keep up the good work!  We all need your support and belief in us!


Shout out to my amazing dad who always supports and encourages me!

Shout out to my amazing dad who always supports and encourages me!