7 Tips for Rocking Posed Photos

Years ago a friend and I had our senior portraits taken by the same photographer.  When we got the proofs back, mine were good, but hers were amazing!  I thought to myself, and maybe you’ve thought this before, "I’m just not photogenic."  Well, I’ve learned a thing or two since I was seventeen, maybe gained a little confidence, and let me just say I was much happier with how I looked in my wedding photos.  Even if you don’t always feel very photogenic, here are a few ways you can look fantastic in photos!

1. Get in the Mood


Thinking happy thoughts will produce a far more genuine smile than merely saying, “Cheese.” I put this one first, because it is the most important!  The following tips can be very helpful, but the very best way to appear happy and beautiful in pictures is to be happy and have confidence in your own beauty.

2. Make Like A Turtle

Try this little trick to elongate your neck and avoid the dreaded double chin.  Push your face forward, toward the camera. Then tilt your chin down slightly. You might feel a bit like an awkward turtle, but to the camera you will look great!

3. Talk with Your Hands

Stiff or clenched hands steal the attention from even the most brilliant smile and shout, “I’m uncomfortable.” Keep your fingers loose and relaxed like a ballerina’s, or give them something to do.  Hold something in your hands or touch your hair gently. If you rest your hands on your hips, slide them up an inch or so to slim your waist and accentuate your curves.

4. Bend It

When it comes to posing, a common phrase among photographers is, “if it bends, bend it.” Make sure that joints like your knees and elbows are slightly bent. This make you look less like a Barbie doll and more like human.

5. Straighten Up

Good posture isn’t just good for you; it makes you look good too!  Pulling your shoulders back and pushing your chest out a bit, emphasizes the natural curve of your spine, and exudes confidence. Tipping down your near shoulder is a good idea as well.  This little move keeps your body line narrow.

6. Bring Your Booty Back

Another great tip is to bend your front knee and shift your weight to your straight back leg.  This position should feel and look comfortable.  That slightly bent knee will lengthen your leg and create those appealing curves.


7. Lean A Little

Whatever is closest to the camera is what will appear the largest. I don’t know about you but I’d rather it be my smile than my hips. Lean your upper body toward the camera and you will look relaxed and engaged. Like with the turtle move, this action draws attention to your face and elongates your neck.


Trying to implement all of these suggestions at once is probably a bit daunting, especially while staying relaxed. Don't worry about it! Try choosing just one or two to start. Most importantly, stay happy and confident, and it will shine through in your photos!


Emily and Colin’s Outdoor Wedding

Emily and Colin provided us with our first opportunity to shoot a wedding ceremony outside. While the unpredictability of weather can be a downside, the upshots of an outdoor wedding are numerous. There is much more freedom to walk around the perimeter of the event and unobtrusively gain perspectives and angles that would be limited or even impossible inside the walls of a sanctuary. Furthermore the expanse of nature offers a welcome break from navigating the various exit signs, bulletin boards and other functional eyesores that come with indoor venues.

Aside from the perks of the venue, Emily and Colin were so relaxed and natural that it made shooting fun. They were willing to be themselves the entire time and were committed to enjoying their day. This made it really easy and enjoyable to shoot. All-in-all, we loved it! 

If you'd like to see more of Emily & Colin you can check out their engagement session.

Natalie and Skyler's Wabash Wedding (and a full day in the heat!)

On a particularly hot and sunny Saturday we spent a beautiful day photographing Natalie and Skyler on their special day. Natalie made the day so easy for us by providing us with a detailed schedule and outline of her desired shots. She had picked out several beautiful locations for shooting. They had a large bridal party with four adorable flower girls and ring bearers. With so many people and several locales, we had to move quickly to fit everything in before the ceremony. 

Everyone was a great sport, especially considering the 90 degree heat and the length of time we spent shooting and traveling to other locations. Of course a group break at a local smoothie shop helped lift spirits and keep everyone hydrated. Even when their borrowed vintage Ford Galaxie broke down, Skyler took it in stride. It was a joy working with such happy, complaint-free folks!

Natalie's interest in a photo journalistic style was a great match for our desire to capture the little moments and candid smiles that made up the beauty of the day. We had the pleasure of working alongside Christian, a friendly and cooperative videographer who was as concerned with us getting our shots as he was with his. It made documenting Natalie and Skyler’s wedding story a breeze. 

Thanks for the great memories and for choosing us as your wedding photographers!


PS you can check out Natlie and Skyler's engagement session here: Natalie & Skyler's Indianapolis Engagement