Hyatt Fall Family Portraits

This fall has been fairly unique - it's the first time since moving to Portland that I can remember the leaves changing so sporadically. The bush in front of our house normally has a week or two of brilliant red leaves before they start to drop off, yet this year most were on the ground before the colors began to change. It seems the other foliage in our state was in the same place this year. The search for fall color has been a tough one, but not without a solution - kids in bright colors! 

The Hyatt kids were great fun to work with. George was content just to pull around his wagon, with or without his sister. That is, until we pulled out the apple basket! Once the apples were out it was all he could do not to stare, reach, or grab for them. This made for a great incentive to pay attention. I wish I had learned this trick sooner - I'll definitely be bringing apples to more sessions with kids! 

Hoosier (the appropriately-named family dog) also made the session more fun. He played and ran around when allowed, and sat contentedly when asked to do so. We had a good bit of fun and got great family photos even without the leaves' cooperation. 

Tonya and Dave, thank you for choosing me as your family photographer!