A week at summer camp

As many of you already know, I recently spent a week at a Pennsylvania church summer camp as the camp photographer. The trip was a wonderful break from my day job, and allowed me to spend an entire week shooting. Not reading articles, thinking about what shot I wanted next; just getting out and shooting. It was great! And to be honest, it was quite a challenge for me.

No longer could I tell the client when the light would be right, or what direction to face when doing whatever they were doing; I had to shoot the action where and when it happened. Unfortunately, most of this was in bright, midday sun. Furthermore, the final deliverable couldn't take the normal two-weeks I was accustomed to having for processing. Instead, the output had to be in a video slideshow ready for Friday night (and yes, I was still shooting Friday morning). 

The week was full of fellowship, crafts, and team activities so there was plenty to shoot, with  three different age camps happening simultaneously too!

During the day I had a lot of intermittent time to spend with my family, which of course meant exploring with the kids. 

Most evenings I had some free time for nature photography before heading back, loading and culling through the day's shots, and importing and tagging in Lightroom. 

Despite the technical challenges and the feeling that, with more time, I could have made better photographs, I really enjoyed my time out there and would love to do it again if the logistics worked out.