Brook and Joshua's Sunny Wedding

Brook and Joshua planned to be wed outside, in late September. However, when the weather looked suspect, they decided to move the ceremony into the beautiful semi-outdoor barn where the reception was to be held.  About half an hour before go-time the sky was still clear, so everyone pitched in and moved the whole wedding setup back outside.  Their efforts paid off, and in lovely green meadow, in the bright sunshine they said their vows.

It was our privileged to witness the joining of their two beautiful little families into one happy energetic family of five! It was a fun challenge to squeeze in a few family portraits along with the wedding portraits.. Brook's daughter's were cheerful and sweet as they danced and posed for the camera, and Joshua's son has a shy smile that could melt any heart.  

Brooke & Joshua 037 - DSC00818.jpg

With the sun just starting to set in the background, the upbeat and easygoing wedding party made the posed photography a breeze.  In no time at all. the reception was in full swing. Everyone stayed well past sunset for a memorable night of eating and drinking, dancing and celebrating!

Brook and Josh, we loved your enthusiasm for life, and we wish you all the best in your future together!