Finding the Photographer that Fits You


Planning a wedding is a huge endeavor full of decisions and to do’s. Finding a talented photographer in your price range can make you want to do a little dance and sign a contract right away. However, there’s another factor to consider when evaluating photographers. Fit.  If you’re looking for amazing photography, you don’t just need a good photographer; you need one who is a good fit for you.

Personal Connection

The first aspect of fit is personality. The wedding day can feel hectic and even stressful at times. Choosing a photographer who makes you feel comfortable can make all the difference in the world. If your florist’s mannerisms really grate on you it might not be a big deal. You only see her once or twice for a short time. Your photographer, on the other hand, is with you almost every moment of your wedding day. Whether you want someone quirky and outgoing who can make you laugh or someone with a quiet calming presence who gives you plenty of space, it’s worth considering what kind of person you’d like to have around all day.

Artistic style

The second part of fit is style.  A piece of art, say a photograph, can be technically proficient and have a beautiful subject matter, but if you hate the style, you probably won’t find the work very pleasing.  Think about your wedding cake for a moment.  You choose a beautiful design that fits your taste, yet you see it for only five minutes. Then your new spouse lovingly smashes it into your face and it’s gone.  Your photos, however, will hopefully grace the walls of your home for decades to come. Shouldn’t they match your personal tastes too?

How to Find a Good Fit

The first step to making sure that you and your photographer are compatible is thinking about what you want.  Do you prefer a traditional posed style or are you into a more casual photo journalistic approach? Do you like an edgier, artistic perspective, or would you prefer classic, simplistic compositions? You don’t necessarily have to put a  name to your style, but do look through a variety of images and take note of what stands out to you.

Though this may seem obvious, a great way to evaluate how your personalities mesh is to meet in person. You probably didn’t decide to marry your fiancé five minutes after you met. You took some time to get to know one another.  Do the same with your photographer. Okay, maybe don’t date them and marry them, but you get the idea.  Meet at a coffee shop, or set up a Skype call to hash out details.  It’s amazing how much you can learn about each other with a little face time!

Alex & Mark 017 - DSC02175.jpg

Another great way to get comfortable with one another is booking an engagement session. In fact, we always include engagement sessions with our wedding packages for this very reason! It’s so much easier to build a rapport and get comfortable in front of the camera on a random Tuesday than on the morning of your wedding. Plus, your engagement photos just might turn out to be some of your favorite photos.

I know there is so much to do in preparation for a wedding, but if you take the time to find a photographer who truly fits you, your wedding photography can be a joy rather than a “to-do.”