Motherhood is beautiful

 My mom called me yesterday, and she asked me what I was up to.  “Oh ya know, just washing dirty diapers and vacuuming the car.” I replied.  “So, living the dream?” she joked.  We laughed for a minute about how UN-glamorous motherhood can be.   

Whether it’s middle of the night feeding for an infant or making hundreds of hand decorated cookies for an adult daughter’s wedding, moms spend hundreds of hours doing many thankless tasks for their beloved children.

 On the wedding day, most of the attention goes to the father of the bride, but when we photograph weddings, I’m always keeping my eye out for the mom.

 I want to catch her in action helping her daughter get ready, making guests feel welcome, or dancing with her son. Wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, and she’s always busy doing something, she exudes love for her children. 


That love makes for a beautiful photo. It’s the thousand words that a picture is worth.  It’s something transcendent that the mother, the child, or even a complete stranger can see and appreciate.

Just think for a moment. Where would we all be today without the imprint of a mother’s love on our lives, be it from a mom, grandma, or other mother figure?

Here’s to you mom, for all the Halloween costumes you made, for all the middle school band concerts and cold high school track meets you sat through, and for all your acts of love. Thank you!