Father's Day From a Wedding Photographer's Perspective

How can I sum up the significance of fatherhood? I'm not entirely sure where to begin...I have an amazing father, and I’m married to another fantastic father.  I've seen grandfathers, uncles and friends serve as stellar fathers to children who need one. 

What is it that they all have in common? 


They teach. They discipline. They spoil.  They do so much, but there’s something more that stands out.

When I watch fathers walk their daughters down the aisle, what I see in each man's eyes is pride.  Without speaking a word, their faces shout, “This woman beside me, I’m her biggest fan!”  The father standing onstage beside the groom, he’s always glowing with pride too.

There’s no doubt, a mother can see a child’s need usually before he even voices it, and she loves and nurtures like none other.

But a father, he has an eye for spotting a child’s potential.  He encourages the good that he sees and he believes in future greatness!

Several of our brides have requested first look photography with their groom as well as with their father. When we do these, I honestly can’t say which man is happier to see that beautiful, smiling bride!

So dads, keep up the good work!  We all need your support and belief in us!


Shout out to my amazing dad who always supports and encourages me!

Shout out to my amazing dad who always supports and encourages me!