Quick Sleeklens Product Review

Greetings friends,

At the beginning of the summer we were offered the opportunity to test a new toolset from Sleeklens called the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow.  Since a good deal of our time is spent sorting and editing photos in various programs, we were happy to give it a look.

Fellow photographers, I can sense your ears perking up.  We do love cool new tools and gear don’t we?

We’ve used the workflow for five of our weddings now.  Let me begin by saying that the word "workflow" is a bit misleading.  It’s not a tool for overhauling the way you go from culling to finished product, but it is useful. The product contains a set of presets and brushes that can streamline editing and inspire creativity.

We found that no one preset was a perfect match for our style, but trying out various presets provided artistic inspiration.  We could apply a preset with great tonal luminosity and then tweaking the temperature and tint to yield beautiful skin tones.

The brushes also proved quite useful. While not a true substitute for Photoshop, they allowed for quick touch ups in Lightroom.

This would be a nifty add-on for photographers who are trying to find a style that suits them, or for newer photographers to ease into some of Lightroom’s more advanced features.