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Natalie & Skyler's Indianapolis Engagement

My last engagement session was a wonderful change up from the normal country/nature work I do in the Portland area. In fact, it caused me to realize how much of a bumpkin I've become. I don't spend much time in big cities, but with multiple city weddings coming up this summer, that should change! 

The White River State Park area is gorgeous and has previously been one of my favorite places in the area to shoot (see shots at the bottom to prove it) so we headed there first. We didn't intend to spend all our time shooting there, but it ended up being wonderfully fun so there was no need to go anywhere else! 

I can't wait to go back. Who else in Indy needs a good wedding photographer? :)  

By the way, Natalie and Skyler were the winners of my 2016 FREE wedding giveaway (blog post here) which meant their entire package cost them absolutely nothing! They will receive their wedding day coverage, engagement session, engraved flash drive, prints, at zero cost. I'm pretty excited to be able to offer this deal; thank you to all of my clients who have booked me so far, and thanks for the opportunity to create great images with you, Natalie and Skyler!

Emily & Colin's Late-Winter Picnic

Emily and Colin wanted to have a picnic-themed engagement shoot, but it was scheduled for February. Given the fickle nature of the weather, we weren't sure whether or not we would end up with something workable. As a side note, I was tempted to write "...the fickle nature of Indiana weather," but I've come to believe that everyone in their state thinks their weather is crazy. Therefore all weather is unpredictable, and no one state has it set. If you live in a state where the weather is predictable and not crazy, feel free to message me and tell me how wrong I am! 

Anyway, the plan was to do a picnic if there was good weather, and a snow session if it was cold and snowy. We were graced with a sunny warm(ish) 40 degree day that produced some beautiful light. You wouldn't know the temperature by the way these two handled their session - they rocked it and made it look like 70!

Emily, Colin, thanks for a great session. Looking forward to the wedding!