Natalie and Skyler's Wabash Wedding (and a full day in the heat!)

On a particularly hot and sunny Saturday we spent a beautiful day photographing Natalie and Skyler on their special day. Natalie made the day so easy for us by providing us with a detailed schedule and outline of her desired shots. She had picked out several beautiful locations for shooting. They had a large bridal party with four adorable flower girls and ring bearers. With so many people and several locales, we had to move quickly to fit everything in before the ceremony. 

Everyone was a great sport, especially considering the 90 degree heat and the length of time we spent shooting and traveling to other locations. Of course a group break at a local smoothie shop helped lift spirits and keep everyone hydrated. Even when their borrowed vintage Ford Galaxie broke down, Skyler took it in stride. It was a joy working with such happy, complaint-free folks!

Natalie's interest in a photo journalistic style was a great match for our desire to capture the little moments and candid smiles that made up the beauty of the day. We had the pleasure of working alongside Christian, a friendly and cooperative videographer who was as concerned with us getting our shots as he was with his. It made documenting Natalie and Skyler’s wedding story a breeze. 

Thanks for the great memories and for choosing us as your wedding photographers!


PS you can check out Natlie and Skyler's engagement session here: Natalie & Skyler's Indianapolis Engagement

Sean & Melissa's Wedding Celebration

To kick off our busy season this year, we had the privilege of photographing our good friend Sean’s marriage to his beautiful bride Melissa.  The drizzly weather did nothing to dampen their joy and obvious love for each other.  The light may have been dim, but their joyful smiles lit up each photograph, and the dark weather created great backgrounds for the few outdoor shots we squeezed in between rain showers. We appreciated their easy going nature and willingness to try some creative settings and poses. 

It was neat to be able to both photograph and attend the wedding as friends. When we weren't actively shooting at the reception it was nice to be able to sit at a table with other friends and chat. That made for a unique wedding experience we'd love to replicate again (ahem any of you other friends out there who are thinking of getting married ;) You know who you are!  

Congratulations to Sean and Melissa and thank you for starting off our 2016 weddings with a bang!


If you'd like to see more shots of Sean and Melissa, you can check out their engagement session here! Sean & Melissa's Engagement

Steve & Julie's Wedding

In February, I was privileged that an engaged Steve and Julie asked me to photograph their wedding day, even with very few sessions under my belt to show them. Waiting for the big day was the hardest part. As it approached, it became clear that Steve and Julie's wedding motto "Relax" was going to pay huge dividends.

Julie was incredibly organized and as a result the whole wedding party was comfortable and everything went smoothly. How many weddings have you attended where everything was on time? It was a first for me! She had several ideas and was flexible and happy to improvise along the way. This gave us plenty of time to capture both the traditional and spontaneous moments of this beautiful day. 

From the first look to the first dance, Laura and I truly enjoyed the experience, and I am honored that Steve and Julie chose us.

Steve, Julie, thank you for giving me the honor of being your wedding photographer and I wish you the best in your new life together!

P.S. I'll be posting more reception photos on my Facebook page. If you're interested in seeing Steve and Julie's engagement session, you can check it out here.